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What was that song?

I was having a chat with a friend about the effect of things moving towards free. There are cameras now that use the “free” storage space to capture photos continuously such that when you actually press the button, it can identify when you might have meant to take the picture (right before the Groom blinked) or before you shook the camera. So all you know is that you got your shot, it doesn’t matter the “cost” of using all of the processor time and disk space, because it was sitting there unused.

Well, I’m thinking why couldn’t this be used elsewhere?

If you’ve used an iPhone you probably have run into Shazam or the like – applications that listen to a song playing and tells you what it is. But what if you can’t get to the app (you’re driving) or you never thought to use it. It’s later that day (or the next) and you are humming a song. What was it? Well pull up the web app because your iPhone was listening and sampling music in the background all day and you can see on a timeline all of the songs it identified. No, it’s not recording your conversations, just listening or music.

What a better way to recall the song! Or how about just going back to see what was the soundtrack of your day? Or to REALLY know what song was playing the first time you kissed her? No reason it can’t save a database of songs going back forever.

And talk about a Nielsen moment! The data that could be mined…

I originally thought this could be a separate device, similar to the radio bookmark thrown in with donations on fund drives, but it’s so perfect for Apple an the iPhone. Everything is already there.

Rock on!

Rock Concerts, The Next Generation

You’ve had the reunion tours, the all-star line-ups, but what will concert promoters do next to bring in the audience attention? How about concert mashups?

 How about Metallica & Neil Diamond in concert together? They can take turns.  That way the fan who secretely likes both can see both acts without losing any of their credibility from their friends.

 Or better still. Doesn’t it keep Mick Jagger up at night trying to figure out some flimsy excuse to tour again and make a ton of cash? Why try and write a new album that no one will care about – just sing any old songs.  How about The Rolling Stones do Neil Sedaka? Or Britney Spears does The Beach Boys? (Wait, that last one might deserve a whole new category of idea.)


1900 You Sing

Ad… Guy in a shower with various accoutrements of a recording studio in
it with him…
“Don’t just sing in the shower, record an album”

Ad… Woman in a car in traffic, in car is recording gear, backup singers
in the back seat, maybe a producer up front?
“Don’t just sing in traffic, record an album”

Set up a 1900 number where people can call, choose from a list of songs
and then have the actual songs, with lyrics play as they sing along. They
then get a chance to 1) listen to their recording, 2) order a cd, 3)
record another. Their vocal tracks are added to the karaoke tracks to
make a finished recording. It would then be available for download (for a
fee?) or on a cd.

Great pitch is to people hosting parties… they put their drunk friends
onto the service so they have actual evidence of the karaoke to use
against them.

Ad… “Your friends dragged you to Karaoke and proceeded to butcher ‘Love
is a Battlefield’ and you had nothing to show for your pain. Now you can
get the evidence in all its horror on CD or as an .mp3. Simply offer
1-900-Your-Song to your friends the next time they have the itch to sing