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Living Plant

The world is growing with devices that sense and respond to data available on the interweb or the real world. And with the fact that we’re now closely connected to people we couldn’t be further apart from, we’ll need more and more ways to show how we’re feeling at any one point in time with people who can’t always see or hear us.

Short of going online and ordering a physical gift to be shipped in a physical truck by a physical person to their door, how about some way to solidify the virtual?

How about a physical entity you sit on your desk at home. Maybe a cute, colorful plastic “flower” arrangement that I can connect to my computer and select for it to bloom with daisies. Every morning the flowers would open, at night they’d close up to sleep.

So that’s still just me and my expensive flowers that never need to be refreshed or rebought. What about the virtual shenanigans? Well, have a friend send a tweet, click on a link, post their feelings on Facebook, whatever and voila, they could change those daisies to roses (to show their love).

Little plastic petals extending and retracting to show you a physical manifestation of their remote and virtual feelings.

Possible names:
– Pokesies
– iBouquet
– ForgetMeNots

Possible other products:
– A smiley face orb with changing facial expressions
– a little flag pole where different flags get raised
– a lamp where friends can adjust the brightness and color