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In global strategy, we were doing a business case on an Australian wine company. As I was sitting there trying not to yawn (I’m not a wine drinker), I came up with the thought “why doesn’t anyone sell Jug brand wine?” It wouldn’t have to be in an actual jug, though one of those oversized wine bottles would work. But the idea is that it’s a tongue-in-cheek brand. It would just have a plain white label with “Jug” written in a simple, black font.

I can just see the website now:

No Disclaimers

I work for a certain Financial Services firm and I see various legal and disclaimer text every day. It’s often (sadly) hilarious what requires disclaimers and how unlikely it is to release anything without it.

And it makes me wonder whether disclaimer text has any unconscious effects on consumers. I am not sure that the mere presence of tiny text at the bottom of a page makes me instantly wary or turns me off of the advertisement, but I do know that many times I’ll read some claim in an advertisement and instantly look for an asterix.

So – whether it’s actually legally possible – could a financial institution capture some of those unconsciously disillusioned prospects by discarding the small print?

I could almost imagine faux disclaimers then popping up that say “No disclaimers needed, honest.”

Well, I can dream, can’t I?

Taste Inorganic

So, first there were brands sold as brands and store labels hidden where no one could see them. Then store labels became brands themselves. Now is there anything considered “Generic?”

So in a world that’s branding everything, where your brand can reinforce or even reimagine what your product is, why not brand the products no one thought anyone would ever brand?

What do I mean? Well, consumers are starting to buy anything labeled organic. Brands that promote an earth-friendly, organic element adds & legitmates a premium pricing on anything.

But what about the products that aren’t so environmentally sound? What about the same old, preservative heavy foods our parents grew up on? Why not take a stand and brand them? Make them cool through the power of the brand.

We could have anti-biotic, feed-lot fed milk branded as MELK with the tag line of Discover the Sweetness of Inorganic and reinforced by adding extra sweetness to the mix. Could “organic” get away with that, I think not.


So today, was out, and it rained.

Happens every day in some place in the world, right?

But we’ve got the internet!

So, just as my Google Calendar will send me a text message before my dentist appointment, why can’t I get the weather messaged to me?

Well, that’s not too revolutionary. But what about I only get bothered by the weather when it’s going to bother me? Give me a chance to decide when I want to be notified – let me choose to get an email when there’s a 50% chance of rain, or if it’s going to be a high below 40 F? That way, I can forget about looking, worrying, etc. Just let me know and I’ll plan accordingly.

Okay, I just received an SMS that my toast is done.


Perhaps a little bit morbid, but why not a line of T-Shirts that point out that life isn’t always perfect and happy? Won’t some people want “heavy” t-shirts just to point out the irony of it all?

Here’s a list of slogan ideas:

  • My doctor just told me I have 3 days to live
  • What does ‘inoperable’ mean?
  • My son placed me in this home and all I got was this tshirt
  • My wife had me committed and all I got was this tshirt
  • Is hair supposed to fall out?
  • Bald is sexy, right?
  • Ssh! No one knows I am contagious!
  • Ebola is a state of mind
  • I am terrorized
  • Someone bombed my car
  • My other car is a bomb
  • It’s not ‘suicide’ if you set off my explosives
  • Autopilot Terrorism
  • I only get one chance, so let me get this right
  • It’s only Ebola
  • Did you get your flu shot? Too bad.
  • I forget, how do you spell Alzheimers?
  • I can’t feel my legs
  • Have you seen my Mommy?
  • Have you seen my baby?