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iApplause Meter

We’ve all seen applause meters on TV shows (an elsewhere) to measure response to something. This is following the imminently foolproof logic that applause level = popularity. Thus, in a world of distributed audiences.. How do we measure popularity? How about an app that uses the built-in accelerometer to measure applause.

You have an iPhone, dowload the app, put the phone in your hands, then clap. That’s simple. If you’re American Idol, create your event in the app, allow your audience sitting at home download the app, sign-in to the event, then wait for the clap. Measure claps from all over the world. Really know when something is popular.

Possible app names:

Super Bowl Ads

I had this idea back during the Internet bubble (before we knee it as such) when everyone was spending gross sums on super bowl ads. A startup that wanted to be noticed needed to spend most of their VC money on the ads.

But what about all of the startups and brands that couldn’t afford the money? What about a range of products and services that wouldn’t necessarily appeal to the entire super bowl audience?

So my idea was for a raft of companies to band together and buy commercial time and have an ad advertising the groups’ site. Once on that site, each of the companies could feature their ads.

One could amplify the number of companies and their creative that could reach the audience.

Now, would all those ads be funny? Who knows. A risk of the model.

Battle of the PBS Documentaries

From a dream. Inspired by PBS’s infamous Ken Burns documentary

The Gods of Jazz vs. The Big Names in Baseball

In a live television event. Watch them do battle. See all the action in
the wonder of panned freezeframes. Watch each blow land. Each note crush
the opponent.

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The Civil War Remainders vs. Lewis AND Clark