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Driving Directions HOV

So I took a roadtrip with my daughter from SF to Disneyland. We went down the coast on US101. When I hit a break in the Oxnard area I plugged into Google Maps on my iPhone the destination and looked for its sage advice on the quickest route given traffic, etc. It told me my best bet was to take the 101 to the 5 down to Disneyland. And perhaps if I was driving on my own, that’s the route I would have taken. But I suspected that since I qualified as a carpool, there would be a quicker route.

Alas, as far as I could see, Google Maps didn’t offer an option for selecting that I was a carpool (or qualifying low emissions vehicle.) Perhaps I am missing something, or need a different app. But not having that feature (or that information) led Google Maps to giving me directions that would have been 30 minutes longer (on a 1hr 50 minute trip.)

I in fact took the 405 (who would choose to do that?) and because I knew they had done a lot of work to have carpool lanes on it, that helped make a lot of difference. Turns out, if you then take the 105 to the 110 to 91 to 5, the only stretch without a carpool lane is 110 (it’s a paid lane – free for HOV, but only with a SoCal FastTrack.)

So, anyone want to add this to their map/direction app?

Latitute Maps

I’ve been a map nut since I was a kid. There’s just so much that can be seen. Every time you pick one up, you can see a whole new level of detail.

Sometimes all that’s needed is to see something in a slightly different whole. So why not take a different perspective on the geography of a place by creating maps that just show a sliver of the world – anything along a certain latitude or longitude.

Things you might see differently:

  • All the different places that are at the same latitude and which should (in theory) share similar climates
  • Get a better sense for how the world is curved… not as flat and gridlike as it seems on most maps.

That’s just for starters.