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My Order Code

With the prevelance of POS systems tied to the internet and available to anyone with a smartphone, why are we still ordering our meals like Neanderthals?

There’s always been an issue of with near infinite options, one has to repeat a long list of preferences to match the long list of options. No mayo, GF buns, with pork belly rather than pork loin…

My friend and I found a ramen place with not only gluten free ramen noodles but also a delightful number of options to make it tasty. We ordered two of the same. The woman understood and was making an effort, but it was a challenge to navigate all the screens and get right all the preferences.

One can’t simply expanded the 5 main ramen bowl options to included every preference… at least not on the menu.

But enter technology… why can’t I get a code that IS unique to my option. “The Matte” would be gluten free noodles, chick stock, slow cooked egg, no bamboo shoots, and pork loin. I may not be able to order “The Matte” by name, but I could give them a code (76gdhwid!6) or tap my phone or show them a QR code. Their computer could just respond that one time, store it at that restaurant, store or across the restaurant chain…

Would save them time on entering the order, would save me worry on whether they will get it right, and all that would make it that much easier/guaranteed I’d be back again rather than looking for some place a little easier to order from or that much more likely to get my order right.

Probably a Bad Idea

Okay, this one is destined for abuse. But why doesn’t an online store have a shopping spree – you get five minutes to click anything you want at tremendous discounts..  People would practice all sorts of ways to browse a site faster in order to get past slow download times. Or perhaps the site would be hyping its super-fast site/design.  Of course, bots and other types of automated programs would be an issue, but if the sites were trying to get rid of the stuff anyways… do stores really care when people are throwing items around in the aisles at box stores on those mass-savings days?  As long as things sell, no?