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Cloud Backup…

I’m standing on the train platform where yet another cloud backup for your photos is being promoted. All great…but they just never seem to work as they claim.

So I’ve tried google photos and iCloud backup for photos on my iPhone. It’s a nice thing to have extra space, to have the ability to back them up in case my phone is damaged, and especially great to get to my photos from multiple places. But in my experience (so far) they have all added an extra toll – what is on what?

The moment you create a place to add/delete from multiple places, you have a synchronization problem. Now, this may not be a technical problem anymore, but it’s most definitely a UX problem.

Upload photo 1 from device A and upload photo 2 from computer B. Then go ahead and add photo 3 from device A and realize it’s not the photo you want to keep, so you delete from device A. Did it delete from everywhere else? And so on from there.

I think you have to go to a more forced approach to take away the confusion…either a system that will add any new photos to everywhere and deleting from anywhere deletes from everywhere. Or a system that will think of the cloud as “everything” and will allow you to add and delete from anywhere/everywhere but will never ever delete from the cloud. Perhaps you have a way to “hide” from the cloud, but they will always be there, everywhere. You simply choose which to “subscribe” to from any one device.

Now, I think many of the apps have options which might approximate this, but the moment you can switch between approaches, that’s the moment you can’t be sure what is where anymore. And heaven knows, when I trust my photos to something, I don’t want to be unsure about anything.

So instead of touting “unlimited storage” for your photos.. tout “forever” storage. Build a cloud that will never let you delete. Allow you to hide, sort, filter, etc. but it will always be there. “You can rest assured we will never Forget(R).”


After seeing yet another somethingVille billboard along US101, the thought struck me.. Why hasn’t Zynga catered to the goth/vampire/werewolf market? How about CemeteryVille where you come out at night and play your character (whether ghost, goblin, vampire or teenager trying to spark in your convertible after the prom). You can get points for sucking the most blood, spend your hardbought credits to buy garlic or a silver bullet.

Perhaps there’s only so many people this would appeal to, but as someone who’s never played an anythingVille game, I know I’ll enjoy the updates of my friends showing up on the Wall (Mr. Gorbachev tear down this Facebook Wall!)

Nag Me

This one should be a business… one that offers a web service/software app which is all about the opposite of “remind me.”

So the nagme system would allow you to enter websites, search terms, time amounts, times of day, etc. which trigger the system to hit you with a pop-up or warning asking “are you SURE you want to be doing this?”, giving you a chance to stop short of a behavior you’re trying to change.

Whether it’s surfing to those meaningless websites, searching for random wastes of time, or spending 5 hours sorting through your junk mail folder – however you waste time, you can have the system remind you periodically that you asked yourself not to do that anymore.

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