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The Reverse Umbrella

On a trip to a very sunny and hot location, I cleared my sweaty face in order to see a person shading themselves from the sun with an umbrella. A regular umbrella.

Shade helps.

But as anyone who goes to Disneyworld in the heat of… well, anytime… would see is squirt bottles paired with little fans. You get a little handheld mister to keep you wet and cool.

Using mist and water to help create a cooling effect is not new. Ancient architects and inventors had figured out ways to cool houses and food using water… things like swamp coolers and cooling chimneys.

This cooling works best with a breeze. If you’re wet from sweat or mist and have a breeze, yum – cool.

But on the hottest days, the sun burns. The breeze gets dwarfed by the burning sun. Without shade, that breeze is all but lost.

Enter the umbrella. But shade without much moisture won’t do much to help either.

Now, sweat alone will make a difference, but let’s say that shade of the umbrella has kept you from sweating too much… saved you from dripping in perspiration. What then?

Enter the Reverse Umbrella. It’s a normal umbrella with a twist… or should I say a mist.

Instead of the umbrella keeping you dry, the Reverse Umbrella keeps you wet.

With a little fan and a reservoir for water in the umbrella shaft – make it rain under the umbrella! Then the breeze will blow across your misty clothes, hair, etc. while in the shade.


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