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Speed(ing) Dating

I was sitting in downtown SF watching the comings and goings of a much younger crowd. I was near a gym and there was this constant stream of people in and out. And in front, I saw this weird dance taking place. People would stand at the curb with their phones out and cars would come and go. There was the “traditional” car sharing transactions, but also some of the new mobile valet services which I’d never witnessed yet. But while I am familiar with Ubers and the like at a high level, I wasn’t quite prepared to see multiple, separate groups being picked up. I saw a dance of strangers trying to make sense of what the appropriate way to interact with another stranger in the backseat (or front seat) of their Uber.

Which made me think… You’ve got just a few minutes in the backseat with a stranger… Speed dating!

Why not have Uber know a bit about your dating preferences and then squash two potential mates in the backseat of an Uber and let them have a short commute to figure out whether they want another ride together?

You could rate your companion just as you do the driver.

The driver could have a series of ice breaker topics/questions – if needed.

Swipe left if you like, turn right if you need a little more time with that special someone.

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