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Video Billboards in Concert

Don’t know if it’s in any advertiser’s future plans yet, but it was in the dream I just awoke from – someone spent a lot of money to make a city-wide spectacle using those video billboards.

Don’t ask me which ad agency snuck into my cerebral cortex last night or what the pitch was, but ultimately what I saw in my dreams was a gigantically staged set piece that was only possible because the tv has been writ large and elevated to the roof top.

I was somehow having a rooftop party, and so were lots of my neighbors. Out on the roof and at one end of a major boulevard in town, I looked down the street and suddenly noticed all of the video billboards showing a coordinated piece. It looked like dancing. I don’t think there was any audio, I think it was the perspective and the sudden realization that they were using the entire boulevard and its inventory of video billboards to make a big event. 

As I looked across the town, which had its usually light fog creating a complimentary glow to the big monitors, rather than blocking any of the view. In addition to the boulevard I lived on, there was another parallel boulevard in the distance that was also part of the display.

It was at that moment, just as I was remarking to myself and the people at the rooftop party that this had to have been the most elaborate and expensive ad I’d ever seen – skydivers started appearing in the sky. Seemingly, the actors from the giant screens were now dancing and dropping from the sky. Many landed on my roof and were roundly congratulated by my guests. As we showed them how to get down off the roof, we all basked in this amazing experience.

Weird. An amazing dream time spectacle indeed.

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